Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is Here - We Embark Upon Nature Study!

     For some time now, actually for the past couple of years or so, I've really wanted to do outdoor nature study with my children but have never really had that final boost of motivation to actually do it.  Somehow, I recently found a nature study blog, Handbook of Nature Study (see link on the right side of my blog), that finally gave me the push to do it.  Today, we went outside and just walked around.  It wasn't for very long but it was nice to just get out for no other reason than to just observe nature.  God has shared His beautiful world with us - we should enjoy it!  I've been missing out and so have my children.  Not that we never get out of the house - we do - but we don't typically get out solely for that purpose.

     We observed several things today and thought we'd share some photos of what we saw.  Here are the beautiful blooms that caught our eyes:

Burgundy Loropetalums

a cherry tree in full bloom

 a Bradford Pear tree, and a bright Forsythia Yellow/Golden Bell Bush.

     After discussing our beautiful scenery, we've decided to study the blooming cherry tree and acorns over the next few days.  Nature study #1 - here we come!


  1. I really like this Nature Study! Sounds very fun & interesting! I will really like it when we start having a lot of fun with this Nature Study!

  2. Beautiful photos and I am so glad you joined us for the OHC. Thanks for sharing your link.

  3. I just love spring, beautiful flowering trees and such!

  4. Me too! And God has given me a renewed enthusiasm to look for things in nature I normally wouldn't notice. Thanks for stopping by.



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