Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Misadventures of Scout - A True Story for Animal Lovers!

     I have been considering for a few weeks (maybe months) now starting my own blog and God gave me a good reason to go ahead and do it this past week. You see, our sweet white and tan cat, Scout, went missing this past week on Wednesday. We had looked for him, called him, shaken his food container (which just about always gets him running home) and had an email put out on Friday morning to everyone in our neighborhood to see if anyone knew anything about him.

  One of our neighbors called me that afternoon and explained to me that our cat had gotten into the car of a lady who was at her home on Wednesday and she had taken our cat home with her without realizing it. Later that evening when the lady went to her car to get something, there was a strange cat hiding under her back seat. That's when she called my neighbor to find out if they had a cat. When my neighbor realized it was Scout and told her that, the lady said she would bring Scout back when her husband got home later. What my neighbor didn't know is that once the lady and her husband tried to get Scout out from under her back seat, Scout got spooked, jumped out of the car, and ran off as fast as he could go. All of this occurred 15 miles away from our home.

     Although I really didn't see how we'd find Scout, without God's intervention, my 3 children and I proceeded to go on a search for our lost cat in the neighborhood where he was last seen. We put out flyers in the neighborhood that Friday and talked to a few residents there. On Saturday, we returned around lunch time and again around 5:00pm to distribute more flyers and continue searching. We talked to quite a few people that day and even spoke to a couple of guys who were pretty sure they'd seen him. Nevertheless, we again came home empty-handed late Saturday afternoon. My husband still believed we would find him but the idea was looking grim in my own mind.

    Close to 10:00 Saturday night, my husband was getting ready to, once again, drive 15 miles away in a last ditch effort to see if he could find our sweet Scout. Just before he left, we received a call from Jenny, a lady in that subdivision who said, "Mrs. Hatcher, I don't want to get your hopes up, but I think I have your cat." My husband headed out the door to see if it was in fact Scout. And it was!

     That was a little (or should I say HUGE) kiss from God that Saturday night. Seeing that cat again made my heart leap for joy and I'm not even a cat person, but I've grown very fond of him over the past few years. It was as if God was saying to me, "I care about what you care about." Thanks Jenny (who rescued Scout) and to all the sweet people who were so sympathetic and helpful at Southern Trace.

    I know though that God could have also chosen for our kitty not to be returned to us. I realize that it's all in His hands and I am learning, day by day, to trust Him with it all, no matter how big or small.
Trusting God,


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