Friday, April 29, 2011

God is Still in the Business of Saving Lives!

God is Mighty to Save--All is Not Lost

Click on the link above to read about the devastation that has hit the Crawford family in Alabama.

Also, I have a friend who knows the Lee Family (Tom and Sherry) of Ashville, Alabama.  Here's a link that tells more about their loss.  Mr. Lee died when he hovered over his family in protection of them as the tornado ripped through their home on Wednesday.  

Please pray for these families and others who have lost so much in Alabama (where I was born, raised, and lived until late last year) and the surrounding states.  Thanks for your prayers during this time of loss and pain for so many!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Women Living Well Blog: Today We Remember...

Women Living Well Blog: Today We Remember...: "Pause for a moment...Be silent. Today we remember. (Taken from Matthew 27) We remember... the betrayal for 30 pieces of silver t..."

Please take a moment to visit the blog link above.  The post definitely encouraged me to focus on what I should be reflecting on today.  This act of immense sacrifice would be the biggest kiss we would ever receive from God that we should be incredibly thankful for.  Celebrate this incredible blessing as you ponder this unfathomable gift from Jesus, our one and only Savior!

Blessings to each of you during this Easter celebration!


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