Monday, June 14, 2010

Multitude Monday - One Thousand Gifts ~ No. 2

holy experience

     I have been inspired to ponder the awesome gifts God has given me and to physically list 1,000.  There are so many more than I even recognize but this is my feeble attempt at coming up with a few here and there.  At the right, you'll find others I've previously listed.

#44.  The quietness of early morning
#45.  Food in the pantry
#46.  My Bible
#47.  God's goodness
#48.  Sunlight
#49.  Reading glasses (along with the awesome blessing of being able to read)
#50.  Godly family and friends who encourage me
#51.  Air conditioning
#52.  Healthy children
#53.  The warmth of socks on my feet when I go to bed each night
#54.  My husband's job
#55.  The sound of the girls playing the ukulele
#56.  God's provision

Praying you are also recognizing God's little kisses to you today!  



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